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Kool Kyle & Billy Bill


Kool Kyle / Billy Bill

Real names:

Kyle Brinson / William Waring

With a few releases to his name already, Kool Kyle needs no introduction, however, who is Billy Bill? Well Billy Bill aka William Waring is one of the unsung heroes of hip hop.

Bill began as a b-boy with long time friends, Kurtis Blow and Danny Harris (RIP), in the Amsterdam Ave/Convent Ave Crew and progressed into writing the lyrics for many old school artists such as The Fat Boys/Disco 3 (Fat Boys), Lovebug Starski (You’ve Gotta Believe), Sweet G (Games People Play), Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde (Fast Life) and of course, Kurtis Blow (Throughout Your Years, Hard Times, basketball, etc).

Bill met Kool Kyle at The Disco Fever and the pair became very close friends, constantly bumping ideas off each other. Eventually, inspired by Sir Joe Quarterman’s ‘(I Got) So Much Trouble On My Mind’, the duo penned ‘Trouble’ and backed it with ‘Old School’ which was written and recorded in on take in the studio. The track was engineered by Dave Ogrin and produced by Kurtis Blow, Danny ‘Nitro’ Harris (RIP) and Steve Breck.

Check out Jay Quan’s in-depth interview with Billy Bill here.

Picture of Kool Kyle and Billy Bill together in 2018. Image taken from Billy Bill's Facebook page

Trouble / The Old School

Label: Profile Records
Catalogue #: PRO-7065
Year: 1985
Format: 12″
Country of Origin: US

Side A
Trouble [6:20]
The Old School [4:15]

Side B
Trouble (Instrumental) [6:30]
The Old School (Instrumental) [4:05]