Hip Hop Be Bop


Hip Hop Be Bop

Man Friday & Jive Junior

I’ve grouped these two artists together as they only released one record which is listed below.

Man Friday is a former member of the UK jazz-funk group, Funkapolitan, one of the first groups to introduce rapping into their music. Their debut release, As Time Goes By, is considered by some to be one of the UK’s first rap releases.

Both Man Friday and Jive Junior are considered to be two of the founding fathers of UK hip hop together with others, such as Newtrament, Dizzy Heights and Junior Gee, and appeared at the UK’s first hip hop club,  Language Lab.

Picking Up Sounds was the duos only release and was produced by John Deacon, bassist for British rock band Queen, and Robert Ahwai, guitarist for everyone from Linda Lewis to Billy Ocean to Wham!.

Picking Up Sounds

Label: Malaco Records
Year: 1983
Format: 12″
Origin: UK

Side A

  1. Picking Up Sounds [5:09]

Side B

  1. Picking Up Sounds (Radio Mix) [4:50]