Hip Hop Be Bop

Super Nature


Cheryl James, Sandra Denton


Salt ‘N’ Pepa

This is the one and only release as Super Nature.

The group, consisting of Cheryl James and Sandra Denton, met while studying nursing at Queensborough Community College. One of their co-workers at the time, Hurby Azor, was studying record production at the Center of Media Arts and asked if they would record for him as a class project so, together with their DJ Latoya Hanson, they produced ‘The Show Stoppa’, which was a response to Doug E. Fresh’s ‘The Show’.


The track featured an intro by the then unknown Kid Coolout (Christopher Reid) aka Kid from Kid N Play and beatbox by Quick Silver (Eric Johnson).

The track gained significant airplay and as a result was officially released by Quazar / Pop Art Records.

Following this release the group were signed to Next Plateau Records. They changed their name to Salt N Pepa which was referred to in this track when they mention the Salt & Pepa MC’s and the rest is history.

Although she appeared on their early releases and on their debut album cover for Hot, Cool & Vicious, their original DJ Spinderella (Latoya Hanson) was replaced in 1987 with Deidra Roper.

They went on to release 5 albums and win various awards.

Black & white image of Super Nature aka Salt N Pepa

The Show Stoppa (Is Stupid Fresh) [1985]

Label: Quazar / Pop Art Records
Catalogue #: PA-1413
Year: 1985
Format: 12″
Country of Origin: US

Side A

The Show Stoppa (Is Stupid Fresh) (Vocal) [5:42]
The Show Stoppa (Is Stupid Fresh) (Instrumental) [5:56]

Side B

The Show Stoppa (Is Stupid Fresh) (Def Mix) [7:05]