Hip Hop Be Bop

The Buggers


Jose “Animal” Diaz, Carlos “Hot Tracks” De Jesus

The Buggers were originally the production duo of Jose “Animal” Diaz and Carlos De Jesus. They recorded this electro track in 1984 before Jose, famous for his remix of Cybotron’s ‘Clear’, went on to use the name without Carlos. He released a couple of dance music tracks as The Buggers and a later dance track as D-Buggers.

This track also featured Latin musician, Ricardo Marrero and included lots of future sample fodder thanks to the SFX mix which omitted the actual music.

It was most famously  sampled by the likes of Coldut for Eric B & Rakim’s ‘Paid in Fill (Six Minutes of Madness Mix)’ and Stock, Aitken and Waterman’s chart hit ‘Roadblock’ as well as providing the catchy hook to Whistle’s ‘(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin’.

A collage showing both members of The Buggers

Bugger Groove [1984]

Label: Manhole Record Co.
Catalogue #: A-92
Year: 1984
Format: 12″
Country of Origin: US

Side A

The Bugger Groove (Radio Edit) [4:29]
The Bugger Groove (Instrumental Dub) [7:02]

Side B

The Bugger Groove [7:50]
The Bugger Groove (SFX) [2:10]