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DJ Cut Fast & The Devastating MC's


DJ Cut Fast, MC ShahKing, Jessie B, Ronnie G

This was the only release as DJ Cut Fast and The Devastating MC’s. It was written by Wade Hudson and produced by Jerry Bloodrock aka Jerry Evans and Kelly Willoughby. Although it was well received and gained a lot of airplay the group were sidelined by Jerry Evans in favour of Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three.

The Devastating MC’s were MC ShahKing (Calvin Alexander), Jessie B & Ronnie G (R.I.P.). DJ Cut Fast was a later addition for this track. They went on to feature on ‘Vice…vice…vice’ by Miami Squad in the same year and released ‘News Flash Time’ in 1989.

Lone Rapper [1985]

Label: Sensations Records
Catalogue #: S-3251
Year: 1985
Format: 12″
Country of Origin: US

Side A
Lone Rapper [6:33]

Side B
Lone Rapper (Edit) [4:17]
Lone Rapper (Instrumental)