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Psuedo Intellectuals – Only Built For Food And Drinks (LP) [Chopped Herring 2021]


Dope new album from Buffalo, NY crew Pseudo Intellectuals. Mad breaks and beats on a dare I say it, almost Prince Paul-esque tip


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A1 – Opening Remarks
A2 – Pork Chop Sandwiches
A3 – Uffalo Ills
A4 – Records Get Sold
A5 – Billy Pilgrim Is Stuck In Time
A6 – Zillion Airts
A7 – A Bright Cold Day In April

B1 – Fresh Fish
B2 – Reclining Pleather Seats
B3 – Welcome To Sophia’s
B4 – Charcuterie
B5 – Psuedomocracy
B6 – White Ppl
B7 – Social Justice Warrior



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