Hip Hop Be Bop


Hip Hop Be Bop

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Various Artists – B Boy Hip Hop (2xLP) [Demon Records 2019]


Big Daddy Kane – Set It Off (7″) [Dope Demand 2019] SOLD OUT!

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DJ Yess – Quest Of Yess (LP) [Britcore Rawmance 2019]



Previously unreleased demos from the UK producer and DJ who had put out three releases with his back then partner – D. Crime – from the early to the mid-nineties, one being “Time for action” in 1992. Sadly, numerous tracks remained unreleased, featuring many different rappers on the vox, such as AK Dope, Wavey C, Da Jazz, MC Shaolin, MC Djedi (Sound Wave Covenant) and of course – D. Crime, all recorded sometime between the late 80’s and the mid 90’s. And while the style of the aforementioned releases weren’t very typical for the UK at that time, though not being always laid back but mostly backed up by fat jeep beats, this is different. The EP pretty much sums up to be – and that’s by no means a bad thing – typical old school hardcore rap (if not impossible to say “britcore”) release from the UK, just delivering the rawness from that era also. Being from the same period but not necessarily the same year and also featuring a motley gang of rappers makes this congruously a very variegated release. Copies on either blue or ordinary black wax are available, 100 copies each only.






A1 – No Fear, No Religion
A2 – Quest Of Yess
A3 – Shaolin Stamina Style (feat. MC Shaolin aka Pappa Swaby)
A4 – Police Harassing (feat. MC Djedi)


B1 – Golden Times
B2 – Rise Of The Emperors
B3 – Heads Connect (feat. D Crime, Da Jazz & Wavey C)
B4 – Suckers Take The Prize (feat. AK Dope & Wavey C)