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Haynesy & J.D. – Freedom Of Speech (LP) [2021]


Haynesy has produced a masterpiece that not only perfectly encapsulates what Hip Hop is at its essence but, it also touches on the more modern vibes that have grown from it. There is so much here for everyone and it is all underpinned by an almost unconscious upbeat feel good vibe that seems to permeate the whole album regardless of the subject matter being explored. [Read Steve Rider’s full review here.]


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A1 – On Your Feet
A2 – Bass And Treble
A3 – Freight Train
A4 – No Matter What
A5 – Mullets
A6 – Tell Em

B1 – Scream And Shout
B2 – Pedigree
B3 – Melody
B4 – Something To Say
B5 – Change



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