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Slippa presents Wrappers Delight EP cover

Slippa presents Wrappers Delight Mini EP (7″) [Good Darts GDARTS1]


Freestyle Fellowship – Innercity Griots (LP Reissue) [Music On Vinyl MOVLP3462]

innercity griots

Kendra Morris – I Am What I’m Waiting For (CD/LP) [Karma Chief Records/Colemine Records KCR12030]


  • When I Go To Space
  • Anywhere
  • What Are You Waiting For
  • Dominoes
  • The Door
  • All Your Jokes
  • Special
  • Still Spinning
  • Nightsnake
  • Birthday Song
  • One Last Joyride



Kendra Morris – I Am What I’m Waiting For (CD/LP) [Karma Chief/Colemine Records KCR12030]


Kendra Morris, the accomplished Brooklyn-based artist, unveils her fifth studio album, the profoundly introspective “I Am What I’m Waiting For,” under the banner of Colemine/Karma Chief Records. Produced in collaboration with Torbitt Schwartz of Run The Jewels, this album stands as a pivotal and personal juncture in Kendra’s discography.

Building upon influences that resonate with fans of Lady Wray, Amy Winehouse, and Alice Russell, as well as those drawn to the artistry of Run The Jewels, MF Doom, and Sharon Jones, “I Am What I’m Waiting For” offers an engaging journey through a fusion of modern soul sounds and relatable lyricism.

Guided by Torbitt’s meticulous touch, Kendra Morris crafts a body of work that is strikingly authentic and artistically evolved. Her journey to this creation was marked by a transformative process. Following the release of “Nine Lives,” her comeback album in 2022 after nearly a decade, Kendra felt an innate urge to explore new frontiers. Departing from the familiar, she ventured into uncharted territories of her creativity.

The result of this bold exploration is an album that resonates with sincerity. Every line of the meticulously crafted lyrics reflects Kendra’s deliberate intention to delve into her multifaceted identity. With Torbitt’s guidance, Kendra embraced a diverse range of themes, eschewing conventional love songs for a deeper excavation of her introspective nuances. The collaborative duo sought to encapsulate the essence of Kendra’s mind and emotions, capturing its intricate layers in a musical experience that mirrors the complexities of her being.

“I Am What I’m Waiting For” stands as a testament to Kendra’s artistic growth. Her deep-rooted affinity for soul music finds profound expression in this record, subtly weaving in her influences and unique characteristics. The album is a heartfelt mosaic, comprising vulnerability, humor, and everything in between. Kendra’s exploration of her identity as a self-proclaimed “messy introvert” who skillfully masquerades as an extrovert resonates throughout the tracks, creating a relatable, authentic narrative.

For both long-standing admirers and those just embarking on a journey into Kendra Morris’s whimsical world, “I Am What I’m Waiting For” holds an undeniable allure. The album’s contemporary take on a timeless genre, combined with its poignant lyrics, showcases Kendra’s mastery in crafting a soul-stirring musical experience. The album packaging complements the immersion, featuring a lyric booklet brimming with hand-written verses, along with exclusive photos, and a download card to ensure an all-encompassing encounter with Kendra’s profound artistic evolution.


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