Hip Hop Be Bop


Hip Hop Be Bop

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DJ Tron – Fruits Of Funk (Orange Vinyl LP) [Burning Sole Records 2019]


Phill Most Chill – On Tempo Jack (7″) [Diggers With Gratitude 2019] SOLD OUT!

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Oxygen – Age Appropriate (LP + Download) [AE Productions 2019]



The long awaited album by Oxygen is here – almost, PRE-ORDER is open. Revised shipping date of 11th October 2019 or before.

Produced entirely by Tom Caruana – one of the most prevalent remixers out there today in our opinion with his continual stream of releases. Even a the few titles here that you may recognise from previous Oxygen single releases are brand new versions.

Turntables by DJ Presyce & Jazz Spastiks

Art direction & design by Mr Krum.

Includes sticker complete with digital download code on the back.






A1 – Victory At Last
A2 – Actual Fact (w/Apani)
A3 – Guillotine 16’s (w/Emskee, Dr. Becket & Jesus Mason)
A4 – 7 Year Itch
A5 – Do Your Homework
A6 – Angles 
(w/Jesus Mason & Jack Jones)


B1 – Daily Grind
B2 – Circles
B3 – For U (w/U-George)
B4 – The Process (w/Emskee & Dr. Becket)
B5 – 33.3
B6 – Code Red
B7 – 7 Windows (w/BusCrates)