The Allergies - Move On Baby (7") [Jalapeno Records]

The Allergies – Move On Baby (7″) [Jalapeno Records 2021]


Soopasoul – If It Ain’t Funky, Back It Up (7″ Reissue) [Jalapeno Records 2018/2021]

Soopasoul - If It Ain't Funky, Back It Up (7" Reissue) [Jalapeno Records]

Smoove & Turrell – Beggarman (7″) [Jalapeno Records 2021]


When Smoove & Turrell released their ‘credit crunch’ stepper and the third single lifted from their acclaimed debut album, ‘Antique Soul’, times were tough. Seems like much hasn’t changed since 2009 and this track still rings true today.

‘Beggarman’ is an uplifting call to keep the spirits high and the party going with it’s original story-telling, 60s soul-talking vibe that kicks back with some great horns and JT’s heavy heartfelt vocals. A timeless classic

‘Higher’ on the flip was taken from their ‘Eccentric Audio’ album and it is arguably their most slept on track. It’s a monster, making this a pair of S&T tracks that needed to have their day on a limited 45 release.