Hip Hop Be Bop


Hip Hop Be Bop

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Tom Caruana presents Wu-Tang vs Jimi Hendrix – Black Gold (2xCD – Instrumentals & bonus


Cerbs & Cosm – Scraps From The Kings Table (Promo LP) [Come True 2018]

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Specifik – The Ill Circus (Black Vinyl LP) [Britcore Rawmance 2019]



Follow-up to 2016’s ‘Eighty3’, Specifik brings you ‘The Ill Circus’ released on Britcore Rawmance and featuring artists such as DJ Krash Slaughta, Jabbathakut, Chrome, Junior Disprol, Uncle Mic Nitro, etc. This is the black vinyl version.





A1 – Welcome To The Circus (Intro)
A2 – I’m Naked (feat. DJ Tones, Ghettosocks, Nilla & Timbuktu)
A3 – Harambe Kwambe (feat. Junior Disprol & DJ Krash Slaughta)
A4 – Straight For The Juggler (Intro)
A5 – Balance (feat. Rola)
A6 – Keep On Steppin
(feat. Whirlwind D)
A7 – Incurable
(feat. Chrome & Sy Matic)
A8 – Sickness Scripture Pt.2
(feat. DJ Jabbathakut & Kid Lyrical)
A9 – Blade Runner
(feat. Cosm & DJ Jabbathakut)


B1 – Back To Back Burners (feat. DJ Tones & Sol Salez)
B2 – You Know I Get Down (feat. Sy Matic)
B3 – We Come Around (feat. DJ Tones & Uncle Mic Nitro)
B4 – Sposed To Do (feat. Crystal Carter & Doozer)
B5 – Escapology
(feat. Iceski)
B6 – Dis-may
(feat. Figure Of Speech)
B7 – No Hatchet
(feat. Project Cee)
B8 – Family
(feat. Carpetface & Uncle Mic Nitro)