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Omas - Plying Trade (LP) [Soundweight Records 2021]

Omas – Plying Trade (LP) [Soundweight Records 2021]


The Allergies – Promised Land (LP/CD) [Jalapeno Records 2021]

The Allergies - Promised Land

The Allergies – Love Somebody (7″) [Jalapeno Records 2021]


Hold onto your hats! The Allergies are back in the building. Yes, the UK beatmakers have got an absolute one-two punch with this new 7” single, as both sides are fire-in-the-hole, future classics in the making, ready to soothe your soul and ignite the party.

Leading the way is the vintage funk and beefed-up breaks bomb, ‘Love Somebody’. A mix of crazy up-tempo grooves and loops, snatches of reworked soul samples, deft scratching, and dancefloor energy up the wazoo. It’s that unique Allergies signature sound, with a whole new splash of club-rocking polish smothered on top.

Oh, my… And holding its own on the B-side of this release is the title track from that feverishly anticipated full length album, ‘Promised Land’. This beaty, meaty, Moby meets Fatboy Slim-style anthem, will have your loins stirred, and feet tapping with its next-level sampling skills, and hugs-all-around, end-of-a-festival wonderment.