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Uncle Mic Nitro – Vincent On Horseback (LP) [B-Line Recordings/Hip Hop Be Bop Records 2020]


Vincent On Horseback is the new album from Uncle Mic Nitro released on B-Line Recordings/Hip Hop Be Bop Records. The album includes the lead track ‘Lemonade’ and features the likes of Ced Gee (Ultramagnetic MC’s), Klashnekoff, Specifik, Juga-naut, Ramson Badbonez, A.J. (Hardnoise), Joe Burn, Micall Parknsun, Greg Blackman, Jabbathakut, DJ Tones, Krash Slaughta and even the future star, Noah Churton. Production is handled by Krash Slaughta, Ollie Knight, Ryan Mac, Featurecast, Djar One, Speaks, UMN & Micall Parknsun and the quality artwork is courtesy of John Dyer.

What’s not to love!

The album is pressed on neon yellow vinyl and comes with face mask and stickers while stocks last.

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Check out the awesome reviews by One9Ate7 from Boombop.co.uk and Steve Rider at Infinite Sounds UK




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A1 – Play Dead
A2 – Snap Ya Neck
(featuring Joe Burn)
A3 – Bod Gets Slapped Up (Krash Slaughta Remix)
(featuring Ced Gee & Ramson Badbonez)
A4 – Zasa
(featuring AJ & Specifik)
A5 – Hills Are Alive

A6 – Keep Drinking

B1 – Lemonade (featuring Juga-Naut)
B2 – Where The Monster Is
(featuring Noah Churton)
B3 – New Planet Goons
(featuring Klashnekoff & Micall Parknsun)
B4 – Write
(featuring Greg Blackman)
B5 – Fuck You



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