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Month: May 2017

Disco Daddy & Capt. Rapp – The Gigolo Rapp

Rappers Rapp Disco Co. (US) [RR-1989] 1981 Labelled as the ‘first authentic west coast hip hop track’, this was the very first release for Rappers Rapp Disco Co. out of Hollywood, California. It also served as the debut release for both Disco Daddy (Michael Khalfani) and Captain Rapp (Larry Glenn) and used the music from …

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Fearless Four – Rockin’ It

Enjoy Records (US) [ER-6028] 1982 Fearless Four’s follow-up to ‘It’s Magic’, this time based on the tune from Kraftwerk’s ‘Man Machine’. There are a few label variations for this release. Early pressings with catalogue number ER-6028 include one that credits Pumpkin & Friends and one that doesn’t. There is also a later repress with the …

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