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1983 Vinyl Release

Ice T

Ice T Member of: Radio Crew, Body Count, Analog Brothers Alias: Ice Tea, Ice Oscillator East Coast born and West

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Ice T – The Iceberg (Freedom Of Speech…) (LP Red Vinyl Reissue) [Music On Vinyl 2021]

The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech… Just Watch What You Say! is the third studio album by infamous rapper Ice-T, released in 1989. The album has an uncharacteristically gritty sound, featuring some of the darkest musical tracks that Ice-T ever released.

Instead of focusing heavily on gangsta rap, Ice-T made First Amendment issues the album’s dominant theme. Setting the album’s tone is the opener “Shut Up, Be Happy”, featuring Dead Kennedy’s Jello Biafra. There are a few examples of first-rate gangsta rap – including “The Hunted Child” and the chilling “Peel Their Caps Back” as well as some humoristic raps on “My Word Is Bond” and “The Girl Tried to Kill Me”. The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech… Just Watch What You Say is now available as a limited edition of 2000 individually numbered copies on transparent red coloured vinyl.


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Various Artists - Hip Hop Collected (2xLP red & white vinyl) [Music On Vinyl 2022]

Various Artists – Hip Hop Collected (2xLP red & white vinyl) [Music On Vinyl 2022]

-180 gram audiophile vinyl
-PVC sleeve
-Includes insert with liner notes, photos and credits
-Limited edition numbered copies on red and white vinyl


Hip Hop Collected will take you on a musical journey through the history of hip hop. This 2LP covers the first 20 years of the genre, showcasing 25 early pioneers who participated in the rise of hip hop. This compilation features music from the new labels that started to rise from the underground scene, like Sugar Hill Records, Profile and of course Def Jam. Including artists that defined a genre, a lifestyle and most of all, artists that inspired millions of young kids with both socially critical lyrics as well as classic party anthems.


PLEASE NOTE: All copies come in a PVC sleeve which is sealed with a sticker, however, some copies have had the labels from one side pressed into the grooves so to ensure there are no issues, I’ve opened each one to ensure the ones sold are all fine. None of them have been played.

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Eddie Cheeba
1979 Vinyl Release

Eddie Cheba

Eddie Cheba Harlem Native, Eddie Cheba (Edward Sturgis), was one of rap’s founding fathers and was a pioneering DJ in

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Figure Of Speech & Boca 45 - Figure Of Speech? (LP) [2021]

Figure Of Speech & Boca 45 – Figure Of Speech? (LP) [2021]

This is an anti-racist album.

I started writing it in 2020. It was after I performed one of my poems in reaction to George Floyd’s murder. Motivated by this, Boca 45 and I collaborated, giving voice to my personal experiences and views on racism in Britain and further afield.

Fast forward to the completion in 2021, and the saga continues. Further exacerbated by number 10 and it’s ‘politricks’, people are in denial racism exists.

Contrary to this, I am called *oon’ on the (so say) liberal streets of Bristol, people standing up for their basic rights are condemned for playing ‘gesture politics’ and structural racism persists (globally).

Pressed on a fat slab of yellow vinyl.

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About Us

About Me Growing up: Mike Allen ‘The Boss’ I just thought I’d give a little insight into my music background

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Artist A-Z

Artist A-Z # 3-D 4 Killer MC’s 10 Speed 19th Fleet A Afrika & The Zulu Kings Alfonso Alien Starr

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Ultramagnetic MC’s – Give The Drummer Some (7″) [Mr. Bongo 2020]

The late engineer and producer Paul C’s fingerprints are all over this single from Ultramagnetic MC’s, perhaps the defining release of their career. While earlier records gave notice of their strange and unique talents, they were loveably messy affairs. This, however, is the real deal, as polished as their early sound would ever be.

‘Give the Drummer Some’ grabs a fistful of different elements – from James Brown, Dee Felice Trio and James Brown – but bends them to its own purpose. This is a song with a momentum of its own and endlessly quotable lyrics. One of which, of course, was sampled by The Prodigy – huge hip-hop fans – for ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ in 1997. The now hugely rare 7” of ‘Give the Drummer Some’ edits this out to make it more radio-friendly, but this reissue reverses that cut, giving you the original lyrics. If anyone knows why Kool Keith also changes the word ‘rappers’ to ‘monkeys’ for that edit, answers on a postcard…

The brilliant B-side harks back to the time when every group had a song dedicated to their DJ. ‘Moe Luv’s Theme’ sees Kool Keith at his most straightforward, singing the praises of the turntable skills of Moe Luv. It would be throwaway were it not for the effortless repurposing of Jackie Robinson’s oft-sampled ‘Pussyfooter’. That – and the presence of one of the world’s great MC’s at the height of his powers – elevates it far above a footnote.


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1981 Vinyl Release

Disco Daddy & Capt. Rapp

Disco Daddy & Capt. Rapp Members: Disco Daddy, Captain Rapp Alias: Capt. Crunch & The Funky Bunch The Gigolo Rapp was

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