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Hip Hop Be Bop

B-Line double

Deeflux & Miracle / Carpetface – Double Pack or Individual (LP) [B-Line Recordings]


Kaotic Style – Infinity (CD) [Hip Hop Enterprise 2021] SOLD OUT!


Bizzie Boyz – Droppin’ It (Reissue LP/CD) [Dope Folks Records/Hip Hop Enterprise 2021]


The Bizzie Boyz classic 1990 ‘Droppin’ It’ album is now officially reissued courtesy of the guys at Dope Folks. This version has had the poorer tracks removed and replaced with the in-demand CD only bonus tracks, making a far better version than the original release. Comes complete with original design sleeve.

Just added….new CD reissue from Belgium’s Hip Hop Enterprise with exactly the same tracks as the original CD release.




Bizzie Boyz – Droppin’ It (Reissue LP) [Dope Folks Records / Hip Hop Enterprise 2021]


  • For Those Who Slept
  • Too Deep For The Mortal Mind
  • Droppin’ It
  • Hold The Lafta
  • Say When
  • I Think I’m In Love
  • Use Your Imagination
  • Total Madness
  • This Is How It Should Be Done
  • Mission Accomplished
  • Pump Up The House [CD ONLY]
  • Closa [CD ONLY]
  • If You Don’t Want Me [CD ONLY]
  • So Many Memories [CD ONLY]
  • Patty Porno [CD ONLY]
  • Turntable Scientist [CD ONLY]