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Outlaw Posse triple pack

Outlaw Posse – My Afro’s On Fire Vol. 2 – Triple Pack (LP) [Hip Hop Be Bop Records


Bizzie Boyz – Droppin’ It (Reissue LP/CD) [Dope Folks Records/Hip Hop Enterprise 2021]

Bizzie Boyz - Droppin' It (Reissue LP) [Dope Folks Records 2021]

Deeflux & Miracle / Carpetface – Double Pack or Individual (LP) [B-Line Recordings]


The B-Line Recordings special offer. Three albums: Deeflux & Miracle, Jabbathakut and Carpetface. Usual price is £14.99 each but for a limited time buy them now for £9.99 each or save even more money by purchasing Deeflux & Miracle plus Carpetface for £14.99. Sorry we can’t include Jabbathakut in the offer but they’re in extremely limited supply.



Deeflux & Miracle / Carpetface – Double Pack (LPs) [B-Line Recordings]

  • Deeflux, Miracle & The World Famous Steel devils Crew LP
  • Carpetface – Cognitive Diss LP


Deeflux, Miracle & The World Famous Steel Devils Crew (LP) [B-Line Recordings 2018]

  • The Sirens
  • Microwaves
  • DJ Miracle
  • Frozen Trojan Horses
  • Giallo Point
  • Debonaire
  • Come Through
  • Deejay Random
  • Tetris
  • All My Friends Are Dead Or Dying
  • DJ Jazz T
  • Crater Aid (feat. Dr Zygote)
  • DJ Chud
  • Ensemble
  • Left
  • Ferapy
  • Oddtro


Carpetface – Cognitive Diss (LP) [B-Line Recordings 2017]

  • Intro / Note To Self
  • I’m Fine (Djar One Beat Version)
  • Make It Right (Uniq Beat Version)
  • Looking Out For The World (Young Einstein Version)
  • The Cognitive Diss (Nonstop Beat Version)
  • Painstaking Anger
  • Mud Sticks
  • Highs & Lows (Djar One Beat Version)
  • You Are Each (Br)other (Uptempo Mix)
  • One Small Light (DJ Moneyshot Beat Version)
  • Take It back (B-Boy Mix)
  • Work It Out Now
  • Old As Hiphop (Djar One Beat Version)