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Burgundy Blood – The Fall Of Man (LP) [Chopped Herring 2020]


Herring and Burgundy Blood go back like prehistoric cave paintings and garden loungers, but this is the now people and what we have for you is the album of our times. It’s the shiznizzle, the goose that laid the golden egg, the spatchcock chicken, the wind beneath EVERYONE’S wings AND the cure for our current predicament. Not the Robert Smith, goth-pop Cure, stoopid, but the medicine we all NEED to make us feel human again. These are unprecedented times my friends, but ‘The Fall of Man’ will guide you towards the light, then deviate past the light, back into the darkness, then perform an immaculate 3 point turn, eye up the target and foot down, as we proceed, and continue, to rock the mic….

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A1 – Genesis 3
A2 – Curtains (feat. Jehst)
A3 – Cocaine Socialists
A4 – El Greco
A5 – Teflon Grey (feat. Lunar C)
A6 – Call Centre Shoes

B1 – You’re Wrong (feat. Juga-naut)
B2 – Livin Large
B3 – Cellophane Sheets
B4 – Deep Into The Cerebellum
B5 – Take Me In Your Arms
B6 – The Fall Of Man



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