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Tom Caruana – Brewing Up (CD/LP) [Tea Sea Records 2021]


Brewing Up is the latest album from Tom Carauna and features a wealth of UK talent such as Scor-zay-zee, SonnyJim, MysDiggi, Micall Parknsun, Kosyne, Skriblah, Genesis Elijah, etc and featuring cuts by Jabba Tha Kut, Fidel Cutstro, DJ Nonames & Jazz  T.




– The Whip (feat. Kosyne)
– Master Builders
(feat. M9 & Skriblah)
– Acting Thinking Feeling (feat. Juga-naut)
– You Look Nice (feat. Scor-zay-zee)
– Laurent Perrier (feat. SonnyJim)
– I Try (feat. Ric Branson)
– On It (feat. Micall Parknsun)
– Ham For Leather (feat. Rup)
– Growing Pains (feat. MysDiggi)
– Hello Dave (feat. Lunar C)
– Cereal (feat. Al The Native) [CD/Cassette only]
– Also (feat. Skuff)
– Entree (feat. Teach Em)
– Killing It (feat. Amy True, Genesis Elijah & Scor-zay-zee)
– No Competition (feat. Phoenix Da Icefire) [CD/Cassette only]
– Flashback (feat. Oracy) [CD/Cassette only]
– Lost & Found (feat. Essa)
– The Way It Is (feat. LeafDog, Phonetic & Scorzayzee) [CD/Cassette only]

Weight 130 g
Brewing Up

CD +4 tracks, Black vinyl, English breakfast vinyl, Green Tea vinyl, Splash of milk vinyl


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