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Daniel Sofer – One Hundred Speakers

Saturn Records (US) [SAT-2008] 1984 Daniel Sofer was a producer and keyboard player from the West Coast. He worked for Oberheim Electronics where he wrote the manual and recorded the drum samples for the DMX drum machine and in 1982 also released an experimental 7″. Around the same time he had a meeting with Cletus …

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Der Mer – Fall Out

Tashamba (US) [KON 3032] 1984 This is the debut release by Der-Mer aka Lawrence P. Dermer, a Miami based producer, songwriter, singer and keyboard (synthesizer) player. It was produced, arranged and written by Noel Williams, best known for co-writing Bob Marley’s “Buffalo soldier”, and released on Noel’s Tashamba Records. Noel also recorded under the alias King …

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Dynamic Breakers – Dynamic (Total Control)

Sunnyview (US) [SUN 419] 1984 Airborn, Spider, Kano & Flip formed the breakdance crew The Dynamic Breakers along with an outsider named Duce as a spin-off from the much larger Dynamic Rockers. They have featured in a few movies such as The Exterminator, Delivery Boys & The Last Dragon. They appeared on a televised talent …

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