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peter brown

Eddie Cheba – Lookin’ Good (Shake Your Body)

Tree Line (US) [3711] 1979 This is the only release by Eddie Cheba and is a great disco rap track out of NYC. It was originally pressed on Tree Line Records with the original green label design but due to heavy demand it was pressed again and manufactured and distributed by Pete Brown’s Queen Constance …

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Little Starsky – Gangster Rock

Golden Flamingo Records (US) [10000 / 11000] 1979   Little Starsky aka Lovebug Starski, real name Kevin Smith, grew up in the Bronx and became the in-house DJ at the Disco Fever and also deejayed at the Harlem World. This classic Peter Brown production with the instrumental by the Land Of Hits Orchestra on the …

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Mr. Magic – Rappin’ With Mr. Magic

Magic Records (US) [CX347ABS] 1980 Mr. Magic aka Tony Pearson from Connecticut (Not to be confused with Mr. Magic aka John Rivas of WBLS Rap Attack fame) was a record store owner and promoter in the 1970’s. It was after hearing Kurtis Blow’s ‘Christmas Rap’ that he decided to record his own track and came …

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