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MC Shinobi – The Revenge Of Shinobi (LP) [Chopped Herring 2021]


Extremely dope sophomore album from Arizona’s own MC Shinobi. The first album was self-released a couple years ago and this follow up features killer production from the likes of DJ Obsolete, MPadrums, B.B.Z. Darney and DJ Daredevil [R.I.P.] as well as guest features from Herring regulars MC Gels & Hahyeem. Underground hip hop at its finest.


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A1 – Intro
A2 – Any Day
A3 – Merciless
A4 – 1520 Sedgwick Ave
A5 – One Of Those Seven Emcees (Skit)
A6 – Six Million Wayz (feat. Masta Lenn)
A7 – Life & Death (feat. Hahyeem)

B1 – Our Existence (feat. MC Gels)
B2 – Back In Time
B3 – Holding Wrath (feat. GSE)
B4 – How Many? (feat. SB Metrix & SD Seven)
B5 – Any Day (MPadrums Remix)
B6 – Gundanium Alloy
B7 – Outro



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