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hatred passions and infidelity

Diamond – Hatred Passions And Infidelity (2xLP Reissue) [Music On Vinyl]


De La Soul – Buhloone Mind State (LP/CD/Cassette) [Chrysalis]

Buhloone Mind State

Micall Parknsun – Still (LP/CD) [Boot Records]


Boot Records proudly presents Micall Parknsun’s 6th studio LP, “Still…”, on limited edition single black vinyl (Limited 150 copies) and CD (Limited 50 copies). Includes killer features from Kyza, Scriblah, Joker Starr, AyePee, Josiah, and Naughtz.

The album is produced by Micall Parknsun, Aypee, and Apollo with cuts by Jazz T and killer artwork by Glen Stone.

Includes the smashes “Still… “and “Kept Going”



Micall Parknsun – Still (LP/CD) [Boot Records]


  • Same Difference
  • Kept Going
  • Still…
  • Same Ol (feat. Skriblah & Kyza)
  • Sorry 4 The Wait
  • From A King To A Gawd (feat. Joker Starr & Aye Pee)
  • Do That
  • The Harvest (feat. Naughtz)
  • In & Out
  • Ever Since
  • Back
  • Own It (feat. Josiah)


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