Hip Hop Be Bop


Jay Burnett

Jay Burnett Alias: Burzootie, Jay Burzootie, Drum Machine Jay Burnett is an audio mixer, editor, producer and engineer who, after graduating at NYU film school, began his music career at Electric Lady Studios in New York in the late 1970’s before moving on to Unique Recording Studios and then Shakedown Sound. He has worked with …

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William Waring

William Waring Alias: Billy Bill William Waring is one of the unsung heroes of hip hop. He began as a b-boy with long time friends, Kurtis Blow and Danny Harris (RIP), in the Amsterdam Ave/Convent Ave Crew and progressed into writing the lyrics for many old school artists such as The Fat Boys/Disco 3 (Fat Boys), Lovebug Starski …

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