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Month: October 2019


Stetsasonic Members: Daddy-O, MC Delite, Crown Supreme, DBC, Wise, Prince Paul, Fruitkwan, Bobby Simmons, DJ Bushon Alias: Stetson Brothers, Stetsasonic 3 MC’s Stetsasonic was formed in Brooklyn in 1982 by friends, Daddy-O (Glen Bolton) & MC Delite (Marvin Wright) and were originally named The Stetson Brothers. Their deejay, DJ Bushon, introduced them to Crown Supreme …

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Butch Cassidy’s Funk Bunch

Butch Cassidy’s Funk Bunch Member of: Spectrum City, 5ive-O, The Wreck League This is the one and only release by Butch Cassidy’s Funk Bunch (Aaron Allen, Stephi C & Debbie Williams) and was written and produced by Charles Casseus, Chuck D (Carlton Ridenhour) and Eric ‘Vietnam’ Sadler. Charles Casseus also provided vocals and was a …

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