Hip Hop Be Bop

1984 Vinyl Release


U.T.F.O. Members: Kangol (Kid), Doctor Ice, Educated Rapper aka EMD, Mix Master Ice Members Of: Full Force Family U.T.F.O. (UnTouchable Force Organization) originated from Brooklyn, NY. Mix Master Ice (Maurice Baily), Kangol (Shiller Shaun Fequiere) and Educated Rapper aka EMD (Jeffrey Campbell) were high school friends from East Flatbush. Ice and EMD were originally in …

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Divine Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead) was an actor, singer and drag queen who originally appeared in movies such as Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Polyester, and Hairspray plus various avant-garde performances alongside San Fransisco drag collective, The Cockettes. In the early 1980’s, Divine recorded a number of Hi-NRG singles including, amongst others, ‘Native Love’, ‘Shoot Your …

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Divine Sounds

Divine Sounds Member of: Disco Ritchie, DJ Mike Music, Shelton-D Divine Sounds were a rap group from Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Sty), Brooklyn, New York. The group originally consisted of brothers Disco Ritchie (Richard Dowling) and DJ Mike Music (Michael Dowling – RIP). After the duo wrote ‘What People Do For Money’, they decided it would be a …

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High Fidelity Three

High Fidelity Three Members: Mike Kydd, Rob ‘Master Bass’ Mabry, Warren McDonald The High Fidelity Three, consisting of Mike Kydd, Rob ‘Master Bass’ Mabry and Warren McDonald, released two singles for Cutting Records: B-Boys Breakdance in 1984, featuring the classic Latin Rascals Dub mix; and Satisfaction in 1985, loosely based on the chorus of ‘Satisfaction’ …

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