Hip Hop Be Bop

1985 Vinyl Release


3-D Members: Ralph D’Agostino, Tommy Musto, Tommy Sozzi 3-D were the trio of Ralph D’Agostino, Tommy Musto and Tommy Sozzi. Following Tommy Boy’s 1983 competition entitled ‘Hey Mr. DJ Play That Beat Down By Law Switch The Licks Mastermix Contest’ which resulted in the classic cut-n-paste remix of G.L.O.B.E. and Whiz Kid’s ‘Play That Beat’, Tom …

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Hardrock Soul Movement

Hardrock Soul Movement Members of: Mastermind Roadshow, Mastermind Members: Max L.X., Dave V.J. Before Hardrock Soul Movement, Max L.X. aka Maximum Scratch (Maxwell X) and Dave V.J. (Vinyl Junkie) (Dave Morrissey) were originally members of the UK’s legendary Mastermind Roadshow together with Mastermind (Herbie Laidley) and others. As part of Mastermind, they helped complete several …

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Press photo of the group


Stetsasonic Members: Daddy-O, MC Delite, Crown Supreme, DBC, Wise, Prince Paul, Fruitkwan, Bobby Simmons, DJ Bushon Alias: Stetson Brothers, Stetsasonic 3 MC’s Stetsasonic was formed in Brooklyn in 1982 by friends, Daddy-O (Glen Bolton) & MC Delite (Marvin Wright) and were originally named The Stetson Brothers. Their deejay, DJ Bushon, introduced them to Crown Supreme …

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Carver Area High School

Carver Area High School Alias: Carver Area High School Seniors, Carver High Carver Area High School was a US public high school in Chicago, Illinois, full name George Washington Carver Area High School. As a way of fundraising, the school began their own record label, Challenger Records, and issued several releases, including these rap tracks …

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Automation Members: Andy Sojka, Garry Hughes Automation were a session group consisting of some members of UK jazz funk group, Atmosfear, plus some lesser known musicians. They first appeared with an electro cover version of Atmosfear’s 1979 jazz funk classic, ‘Dancing In Outer Space’. The release was flipped with the debut appearance on vinyl by …

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High Fidelity Three

High Fidelity Three Members: Mike Kydd, Rob ‘Master Bass’ Mabry, Warren McDonald The High Fidelity Three, consisting of Mike Kydd, Rob ‘Master Bass’ Mabry and Warren McDonald, released two singles for Cutting Records: B-Boys Breakdance in 1984, featuring the classic Latin Rascals Dub mix; and Satisfaction in 1985, loosely based on the chorus of ‘Satisfaction’ …

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