Hip Hop Be Bop

1985 Vinyl Release


U.T.F.O. Members: Kangol (Kid), Doctor Ice, Educated Rapper aka EMD, Mix Master Ice Members of: Full Force Family U.T.F.O. (UnTouchable Force Organization) originated from Brooklyn, NY. Mix Master Ice (Maurice Baily), Kangol (Shiller Shaun Fequiere) and Educated Rapper aka EMD (Jeffrey Campbell) were high school friends from East Flatbush. Ice and EMD were originally in …

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Grandmaster Richie Rich

Grandmaster Richie Rich Member of: Sidewalk (B-Boy Crew) Alias: Scam, Richie Rich In his teenage years, Richie Rich (Richard Morgan) was a body popper/b-boy in the crew Sidewalk together with UK b-boy legend, Dolby D. Following Sidewalk’s split, Richie turned his attention to deejaying. He became a popular DJ and worked in London’s Spin-Offs Records, …

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